At our Office you have an opportunity to pass Marlins and CES tests. The IMS specialists will give all the necessary information and help the seafarer to cope with the tests.


During the whole working day the company’s managers will provide with the free information about the employment issues and the necessary documents.

Online request

Download the APPLICATION FORM to submit your CV. After completing send it to our email address: info@imservices.com.ua and wait for the feedback.

El. Eng.Oil/chemical tanker60006 months4700-5000ASAP
A/BOil/chemical tanker123006 months1600ASAP
2ENGOil/chemical tanker123004 months7900ASAP
CH.ENGOil/chemical tanker171004 months11400ASAP
MASTEROil/chemical tanker154004 months11700ASAP
O/SOil/chemical tanker154006 months1250ASAP
3 OFFOil/chemical tanker60006 months2200-3150ASAP
CH.OFFOil/chemical tanker123004 months7900ASAP
4TH ENGOil/chemical tanker171006 months3150ASAP
CookOil/chemical tanker120006 months1900ASAP
2 OFFOil/chemical tanker123006 months3800ASAP
3 ENGOil/chemical tanker12000
6 months3800ASAP
StewardOil/chemical tanker120006 month1100ASAP